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If you need to buy Mediterranean bushes for your garden or to make vegetable fences, at Benages Plants we offer a wide range of different sizes and formats, perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Resistant and healthy bushes

At our garden center, we grow several bush varieties, with a good adaptability to different weather conditions. These are strong, healthy plants that can resist high solar exposure.

Decor and functionality

Are you looking for bushes for fences, flower beds or gardens? Choose among a wide variety of Mediterranean species, adapted to different grounds and weather conditions. You will find them in different sizes and formats, either to make vegetable fences or design gardens.

Bushes for fences and vegetable hedges

Bushes are a good alternative to make fences or privacy hedges, as they will help you get more privacy and soundproofing. To make this vegetable screen, at our garden center you will find evergreen leaf bushes, in different sizes and formats, which will surely adapt to your needs.

We plant our bushes from young nurseries in flower pots of different sizes, according to the variety and format you wish.

We provide the necessary care for their correct growth and development (base and further fertilizer application, watering...).

We chop the larger bushes in flower pots until we achieve the wished format.

Bushes for gardens and green areas

At Benages Plants, we have different bush varieties to decorate gardens, flower beds and any type of green areas. We also grow We also grow climbing, aromatic and seasonal plants, perfect to combine with our bushes and provide your garden with a touch of color.

We grow them from young nurseries in a Mediterranean weather, which turns them into well adapted, strong and resistant plants. You will find a wide variety of species, such as Viburnum lucidum or Eugenia myrtifolia, in different formats, scissor-pruned in a natural way, in the shape of a ball, pyramid, half-log or multi-ball.


Choose from our wide variety of Mediterranean bushes.

The best bushes at your disposal.

We have a wide variety of bush species of different types, appropriate for fences or garden decoration, such as Viburnum lucidum, Viburnum tinus, Photinia fraseri red robin, Metrosidero excelsa, Abelia grandiflora or Eugenia myrtifolia, new port, among many others.

If you can come to our garden center, you will be able to choose the specimens you prefer yourself, in the varieties and formats you need. If you can’t come, we will take care of everything! We offer you great professionalism and years of experience.

Do you need help to choose your bushes?