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Olive trees: our own quality production

At Benages Plants we specialize in planting olives trees of different sizes. We plant olive trees from scratch and recover trees coming from other farms, with a high decorative value and suitable for gardens.

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Mediterranean trees par excellence

In our garden center you will find a wide range of Mediterranean olive trees. They are very resistant and long-lasting trees, highly adaptable to different weather and edaphological conditions. Moreover, thanks to the care we provide, we only offer quality olive trees.

Find the olive tree you need

At Benages Plants we work with two different methods for olive tree production, either to recover olive trees coming from local farms or to plant small olive trees, directly from their young nursery.

Recovered and local olive trees

Are you looking for decorative olive trees for your garden? One of our production methods is the recovery of adult olive trees coming from neighboring farms that decided to change crops. We pull them up and plant them back in our garden center, we provide them with the necessary care and we prune them in a traditional way, in order to achieve the decorative value and the professional finish you need for your garden.

We prune and pull up the olive trees from nearby farms, to give them a ‘second life’ in our garden center.

We plant recovered olive trees in our facilities, with all the care they need.

We keep growing the olive trees for a period of at least one or two years, providing fertilizers and water.

We prune the olive trees in a completely manual and traditional way, with scissors, until we achieve highly decorative shapes.

Our olive trees, perfectly rooted and shaped, and with a high visual value, are now ready to be sold.

Young olive trees
planted in flowerpots

In our garden center, we also have Mediterranean olive trees grown in flower pots, short and coming from young nurseries.

After providing them with the necessary care for their growth and development ever since planting (layers, water, pruning…), we make sure that these types of nurseries are ready for our customers. Moreover, thanks to a thorough inspection and follow-up of all our olive trees, we can spot and act promptly against any sign of disease.

Mediterranean olive trees production

Find the olive trees you are looking for in our garden center

Come to our facilities and select your olive trees

At Benages Plants we only guarantee plants of the highest quality. In addition, we offer you the possibility of visiting our nursery and selecting the olive trees you prefer, among all our available specimens.

And if you can’t get close to our facilities, don’t worry. Our professionals will find the best olive trees for you. We put more than 40 years of experience at your disposal!

Do you need a quality olive tree for you or your customers?