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At Benages Plants we grow a wide variety of conifer species, from young quality nurseries, for different purposes and in different formats and sizes, either small, medium or large. We adapt to your needs!

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All the conifers in our garden center are high quality, resistant and cut by hand, and therefore have a very high aesthetic and functional value. We have conifers in different sizes, which can be used as a decorative element in your garden or to make thick fences.

A variety of sizes and purposes

At our garden center, you will find conifers in different sizes and formats, for very different purposes. We offer you small-sized conifers, suitable for small flower beds; medium-sized conifers, to be used as medium-height privacy fence; large-sized conifers, for high privacy fences or to be used as individual decorative element.

Conifers for privacy fences

Do you need thick privacy fences with high concealing capacity? At Benages Plants we have medium-sized conifers, suitable for medium-height fences, or large-sized conifers, suitable for high fences. One of the species we grow is the Cupressocyparis leylandii, an evergreen, majestic and elegant conifer which, moreover, can withstand cold and persistent frost.

We grow all our conifers, coming from young quality nurseries, in a Mediterranean weather.

We carry out pruning by hand, until we achieve the wished format.

To get large-sized conifers, we chop the plants in larger-sized flower pots.

We grow our conifers with base fertilizer, further application in specific moments and watering.

Conifers for landscaping and gardening

At our garden center you will also find a wide variety of small, medium or large conifers, to be used as decorative elements in your garden.

We specialize in growing medium- and large-sized conifers, a very interesting choice that will give you spectacular results. Two of the most sought-after species are the Cupressus sempervirens totem and the Cupressus sempervirens stricta, which, for their high aesthetic value and elegance, are usually placed as individual large-sized pieces. These species are a symbol of beauty and stand out for their fast growth.


Mediterranean conifers
for fences or gardening

The best conifers in the size and format you need

At our garden center, you will find the conifers you need, in different sizes, formats and ready for different purposes. We work on growing different varieties, such as Cupressus sempervirens, Cupressus sempervirens stricta, Cupressus sempervirens totem, Cupressocyparis leylandii, Cupressus macrocarpa goldcrest, Thuja spp. or Juniperus spp. Among others.

Moreover, in order to allow you to select your plants more easily, if you wish, you can come to our facilities and choose among the available specimens. Otherwise, our professionals will identify the best conifers for you.

Do you need conifers for a fence or garden?