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At our facilities, you will be able to choose from a huge variety of trees. We offer all types of trees, deciduous, evergreen and adapted to colder or warmer weather, according to your needs.

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Highly leafy trees

At Benages Plants we grow a wide variety of trees, among which you will find deciduous species, which lose their leaves in the fall, and different varieties of evergreen plants, which keep their foliage throughout the year. Moreover, thanks to our specialists’ commitment and painstaking work, all our trees grow and develop to be strong and healthy.

Trees for hot and cold weather

All our trees are grown in a Mediterranean weather, characterized by mild winters and hot summers. On the one hand, this allows us to plant trees that need higher temperature for their optimal growth and, on the other hand, grow other species of trees, adapted to colder weathers.

Trees for warm weather

If you are looking for trees that easily withstand high temperatures, at our garden center you will find a wide variety of species appropriate for warm gardens. Among others,Tipuana speciosa, a deciduous tree which is much appreciated for its blooming; or Jacaranda mimosifolia, with beautiful blue flowers and often used in street, avenue and garden decoration.

We plant young trees at the right time.

We grow them in the appropriate layer according to their variety, providing them with the necessary care for their development.

We carry out shape pruning, according to the tree variety, as crown or arrow.

We carry out the tree thickening until we achieve the wished size.

Trees for cold weather

If you need trees that adapt well to low temperatures and are resistant to frost and persistent snow, at Benages Plants we also grow species appropriate for colder weathers.

One of them is the pyramid Magnolia grandifolia, an evergreen, slow-growing tree. Other varieties also stand out, such as Acer negundo, Acer saccharinum or Prunus cerasifera pisardii, widely used as decorative elements in several gardens and green areas.


Production of strong, healthy and resistant trees.

We have the best trees for you.

We offer a wide variety of trees with different characteristics and needs, very interesting as decorative element in any garden, street, square or avenue. We grow species such as Morus alba, Morus fruitles alba, Tipuana speciosa, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Schinus molle, Melia azederach or pyramid Magnolia grandiflora, among many others.

You can choose the specimens you prefer yourself, directly at our facilities or, if you wish, we can do it for you. A professional team always at your disposal!

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